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How to create one of the best sex toys for women in the whole wide world

How to create one of the best sex toys for women in the whole wide world

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the one of the best sex toys for women, primarily because it looks anything but one of the most exciting female sex toys. It look like a normal innocent massager, and no one, not even your hubby, needs to know that in truth it is without a doubt on the top of the pedestal marked “women’s ultimate sex toys”. The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrates better than a vibrator and has a series of naughty attachments that really know how to get down to business.

One drawback is it comes with a standard 6 foot electric cord, and over time the cord gets weakened where it enters the handle and it is prone to short out and cause it to stop working. This is not something you want to experience just as you are about to reach the summit of an extremely satisfying climax. Once you have had this pleasure denied you, robbed by a lousy piece of plastic cord, you will swear to yourself it will never happen again.

So here is what you do. When your husband gets home you tell him you want him to take the cable off of your mom's ancient vacuum cleaner you have stored in your loft, the one with 25 feet of sturdy cord, and you tell him you want to fit it into your Hitachi Magic Wand. He may question the wisdom of this but he will never guess you are creating one of the best sex toys for women. Tell him you know what you are doing and you are not about to be disobeyed. Once fitted, you will have several extra feet of cable, so you can move around freely, the cable is now of industrial strength, because that's the way they made everything 40 plus years ago, and you never need worry that it's going to fail on you again.

That's the first Hitachi Magic Wand cheat to make it one of the greatest female sex toys of all time. The second cheat has to do with the speed and intensity of the vibrations.

The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator has only has two speeds and so a lot of women find it both too fast and too powerful for an enjoyable clitoral stimulation session. The best way to overcome the intensity of the vibration is to place a clean sock over the vibrating head, this numbs the power instead of numbing your clit or pussy lips with the intensity of the vibe, and when you are done with the session, you simply wash the sock. I find my husband's thick sports socks best for this, and bless him, he sometimes wonders why I am always buying him new socks. Well, I look at it this way; you can't have one of the best quality without a little extra expenditure.

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