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6 anal tips for good and safe anal sex

6 anal tips for good and safe anal sex

Though anal sex is still considered taboo by some, it is quickly becoming a normally accepted part of many people's sex lives. With that said, there are some things that you can actually do to make sure your backdoor practice is the most fun and enjoyable it can be. Here are 6 anal tips to follow to make your anal sex experience a memorable and pleasurable one:

  1. Anal sex is not only about penetration the first in the list of anal hints is simple: simply licking or rubbing the anus, the person receiving the action can already acquire awesome and pleasurable sensations.
  2. Make sure to feel good about it all the time - this is perhaps one of the best anal tips any woman could get. Although a lot of women would say that their first few anal sex experiences hurt, it doesn't really have to because it has to be really pleasurable and memorable. The best way to avoid being hurt is to relax take things slowly and of course to use plenty of water based lubricant. Women should also lead the way, whether anal sex is being done with a partner or with a toy. It has to be done in a slow manner - gentle and pleasurable.
  3. You have to know that there are two sphincters next on the list of anal lessons: the anus has two sphincter muscles and these two are less than one inch apart. The external one can be controlled but the internal one can't because it reacts reflexively. Thus, when you are relaxed and calm, the internal sphincter would definitely react that way, thereby giving you a painless penetration.
  4. Do other things while you stimulate the anal region - concentrating on anal stimulation can be uncomfortable; thus, to avoid this, make sure to stimulate this region using one hand while the other hand is working on another thing.
  5. Change your diet - a desirable and pleasurable anal sex experience is actually affected by the food you eat. If you love to engage into it, make sure to change your diet by taking in more raw fruits and vegetables, fiber, and minimize your intake of processed foods.
  6. Follow hygiene rules - among all the anal pointers mentioned here, this one cannot be questioned. Let's admit it; the anus is where our feces come out. Thus, it can be a channel of infection. So, to avoid a pleasurable experience turning out to be an infectious one, make sure to never revert to vaginal or oral after anal sex. You can go oral to anal or vaginal to anal but never anal to vaginal or oral. This is the rule of thumb!

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