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X-treme Pack G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

X-treme Pack G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

This new bullet vibrator from California Exotic just looks awesome. The colors are a vibrant purple and lime green combination and the battery pack has textured pads that are comfortable to hold and help you to get a better grip while you are busy doing other things. The functions are even easier to use than most standard bullets with the clearly labeled buttons and the simple on/off button. With one glance at the column of lights on the battery pack, you'll know exactly which setting the toy is on.

One of the best things about the design of this toy is the "rubber cote" plastic of the bullet. This coating gives the bullet a satisfying velvety texture. For plastic, it's the closest you can get to silicone. But it's the many settings that make this remote vibrator a real treat. With five vibration intensities, you can maintain it between 2 and 3 and then zap it all the way up to 4 or even 5 when you are ready to come.

There are also five inventive patterns of escalation, pulsation, and vibration that you simply don't find in most bullet vibrators. Unlike many other vibrator bullets, this one allows for shallow penetration - but not sure why they call it a G-Spot bullet vibrator, because so many women say it doesn't stimulate G-spot but it can still slip a little deeper than most vibrator bullets and it's great for clit stimulation. This remote vibrator, while is still fairly loud is probably not loud enough to be heard through a door.

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Try laying this bullet vibrator over your pubic bone so the tip curves down to cover your clit during intercourse. It works well for stimulating other areas too, like your nipples or ask your partner if he would like to try a relaxing and very sexy perineum massage.

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The X-treme Pack G-Spot retails for around $27.99 online. Check it out.

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