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Orgasmic Toys for Women: Vanity Vr3 Review

A Vanity Vr3 review is almost redundant Ė youíve probably heard of this toy already. It has a sleek design, a soft touch, and a powerful vibrator that canít be found on any other toy that stays that quiet. Itís the whole package and itís available at a reasonable price meaning any woman can, and should, have Vanity in their lives.

The Vanity Vr3 has some unique features rarely found on vibrators, such as a rechargeable battery and LED light that shows the level of charge available. It also is so seamlessly put together that there are almost no ridges on the toy at all making it one of the smoothest womenís vibrators available. It even has a unique control on the handle built in to the same material as the toy itself so even the control could be used for penetration if so desired.

There are no ears on the Vanity Vr3 but there is a smooth bulb that applies pressure to the clit and when properly moved it slides against the clitoris while vibrating. The vibrations go throughout the entire toy and even have multiple speeds available accessed through the control. These vibrations get incredibly strong at the highest level making it a must have for women who like more power in their sex toys and want something quieter than theyíre used to.

Being waterproof is just an added feature, but it is also one of the few toys with its level of vibrating power that can go in the water. Be careful ladies, you might find yourself taking more baths than you can handle! I hope this Vanity Vr3 review has steered your toward buying this great toy.

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