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The Big O Ring: A Powerful Pleasure Tool

Men hate to admit it, but itís not uncommon for many guys to be unable to bring their partners to orgasm consistently, especially just through intercourse alone. Fortunately, itís possible to take any average guy and make his sexual performance better with the use of a unique sex toy Ė the Big O Ring. This Big O Ring review will cover what the Big O Ring does and why you should own one!

Letís review the capabilities of this great toy. The Big O Ring is a standard cock ring design, which means that its main goal is to extend male erections. It does this by actually holding the blood inside the penis Ė donít worry itís not as uncomfortable as it sounds. Using this cock ring will give you the power to hold your erections for much longer and satisfy any womanís needs.

The Big O Ring has something that sets it apart from the average cock ring, though Ė a large vibrating bullet that can enhance the pleasure of both the user and his partner. The vibration unit is located in such a way that it rests right against a womanís clitoris during intercourse, providing incredible stimulation during intercourse. The vibrations also deliver pleasing sensations for the user himself. The vibrator has multiple settings so you can control the intensity!

If youíve ever struggled to seal the deal during intercourse, this toy is a great pick for you. Itís easy to use and wonít get in the way Ė it will just deliver some great orgasms for both partners. Donít just rely on this Big O Ring review. Buy it and find out yourself.

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