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Orgasmic Eye Candy: Platinum Jack Rabbit

A vibrating Rabbit that not only makes a girl feel like she has something special but also makes a girl feel special. The Platinum Jack Rabbit is a high class toy for a low price, and itís hard to give it a review that paints a picture of it as anything but amazing. Itís got looks comparable to an expensive piece of jewelry and the pleasure power of a lover well versed in the art of orgasms. The Platinum Jack Rabbit is a toy that just doesnít mess around.

Whether in gold or silver, I should mention in this Platinum Jack Rabbit Vibrator review that it looks like something fit for a queen and its high quality design only reinforces it. The metallic beads never jam up and provide added sensations when inserted and turned on that many Rabbits still lack. The beads have multiple rotation and speed settings meaning that the variety of orgasms available to a woman from the beaded shaft alone are numerous. Add to that the easy to use controls right on the handle and a woman can quickly and easily modify her experience in order to obtain her perfect orgasm.

Like any Rabbit, Iíll mention in this Platinum Jack Rabbit Review that it has ears designed to ďpinchĒ and massage a womanís clitoris but this toy takes it one step further with the multiple speed functions. With seven different settings for the vibrations on the ears alone a woman can have a G-spot and clitoral orgasm at the same time. Above all else, itís waterproof and battery operated, meaning the fun can go anywhere. Bathtime will never be the same.

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