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Luxe Renew Ė A Fun Little Toy

I never really got the purpose of a these super discreet vibrators. What are you going to do with them? Use them under the table in a restaurant? In your car? Donít get me wrong, I like smaller toys because they are easy to use, but I just donít ďeasily hideableĒ as a selling point for a sex toy! But thatís besides the point here Ė because thereís more to the Luxe Renew than just being small and discreet. Read the rest of the Luxe Renew review to find out.

What really stands out about the Luxe Renew is its unique shape. It has a shape thatís more like a long curved finger than the usual phallic shapes that you see with most vibrators. It is, of course, very small and that makes it easy to use as well. Itís big enough to get the job done, but not big enough to be awkward. It also has a handy little ring-shaped handle that makes it even easier to handle.

The power in this toy isnít anything to write home about, but itís pretty good for its size. It does have several different vibrations settings, which is nice to find in a smaller toy. A lot of the toys that have lots of settings feel like they have a desktop computer attached to them, but not the Luxe Renew. Very lightweight and comfortable.

The only real downside is that this toy uses those annoyingly hard to find ďNĒ batteries. Other than that, itís a nice little toy for the price and well worth the cost. Hope you enjoyed my Luxe Renew review!

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