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Lucid Heart Glass Dildo

Lucid Heart Glass Dildo

As a concept and as a sex toy they don't come much purer or simpler than the Lucid Heart form German manufacturer MHK. It's a quality glass dildo. It's as simple and at the same time, as thrilling and exhilarating as that.

First of all, the good people at MHK picked the right material for their dildo. It's a tempered glass dildo. For clean, cool, stable, strong and safe use, it's tough to beat glass . It's hygienic, as it can be completely sterilised quickly and easily after each use, it's durable, and best of all, when you use it, especially for anal entry, it offers the least resistance when used with a dab of lube. It can also be heated to a desired temperature just by placing it in boiling water or even in the microwave.

Some women have complained that the Lucid Heart is too small for vaginal play and others complain it's too rigid and unforgiving, but like all things it depends how you use it. Besides, at 4 " in circumference and length it could be bigger, but the chances are you have experienced smaller too.

For someone new to this type of toy, this glass dildo is the perfect place to start, whether for pussy play or anal games. A lot of guys have also discovered that the Lucid Heart glass dildo makes a fantastic prostate massager. The shape is just right and with a 4 " insertable length perfectly sized for prostate massage. The sturdy heart shaped grip is essential for safe anal play and for pinpoint accuracy when massaging the prostate.

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This glass dildo is perfect for beginners or advanced users. It's easy to clean, easy to use, require minimal maintenance, hypo allergenic, and is strong and long lasting.

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In terms of size, shape and styling it's a clean, uncomplicated and well designed tempered glass dildo weighing a satisfying half a pound. At just $30 the Lucid Heart price point is tempting too.

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