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Lelo Gigi Review for Women

If youíve been looking for a vibrator that can really show you the ropes when it comes to having a G-spot orgasm then you donít need to look any further than my Lelo Gigi review. By reading this review youíll find that the Lelo Gigi, despite its simple look, is far from simple and can give you the penetration and orgasms you desire.

To start with, the simple look that Lelo Gigi has was specifically created to make sure that the G-spot is properly stimulated during use. With an extra bulbous head this vibrator feels great being inserted and is guaranteed to hit your G-spot without any effort from you. The large head also applies a nice amount of pressure to your G-spot and no matter what your shape is, the nicely curved head will reach your pressure point.

Another great hidden feature I want to mention in my Lelo Gigi review is that you can review is the handle. It looks simple and plain with only one button, but that button is everything you need when operating the vibrator controls. Even though it looks like one button it is really 4 buttons in one, depending on what side of the button your press. If you look closely, youíll notice that there are four ridges or dents that you can press to activate vary modes on Gigi, such as the power, vibrations, pulsing, and even a wild rollercoaster mode. Around the button youíll notice a thin light circle that will actually let you know how much power is left and when you need to charge it. Thatís right, Gigi doesnít take any batteries.

If youíve been having trouble bringing yourself to an orgasm by massaging your G-spot, you need to try the Lelo Gigi. I hope my Lelo Gigi review will help you with that. Youíll never know what hit you.

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