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Je Joue Uma Review for G-spot Orgasms

As you get into the higher end of sex toys that are made for women, you’ll find that not only the quality but also the uniqueness increases as the price does. Even though the Uma is actually on the lower end of the “luxury” vibrators, a quick review shows that it is not only still high in quality but very unique among G-spot vibrators.

Let’s start this Je Joue Uma review by going over the shape of the toy. Consider how the average vibrator looks. Usually you’ll end up having to get a penis shaped toy with a slight bend to it. The Uma is more versatile in its appearance, keeping a simple curved shape that is not only attractive but subtle and discreet. It also comes in a fun range of colors, including a bright Fuchsia.

The curve of the Uma is perfect for hitting the G-spot after insertion, and the soft silicone is ideal for playing with the clitoris as well. To add to the great features, the Je Joue Uma also includes 7 different vibration patterns and 5 different levels, giving you a combination of 35 different vibrations you can use to reach your orgasm.

If that rave Je Joue Uma review isn’t enough, also consider that you can have your orgasms anywhere with the Je Joue Uma. Lightweight, discreet, and waterproof, the Uma is a great G-spot vibrator for the adventurous and timid alike. All available at a price that’s well worth the value, it is a must have for every woman’s toy collection.

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