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G4 Big Boss: A Powerful Package

With some vibrators, there just isnít a lot that you can say in a review that people canít get just from looking at the picture. The G4 Big Boss is not that kind of vibrator. Thereís plenty to say about this wonderfully powerful toy. But enough introduction, on to the G4 Big Boss review!

Just like the name implies, the G4 Big Boss is plenty large. Itís also pretty sleek and attractive looking for its size. But thatís not the highlight of this toy. What really makes this toy great is its raw power. Youíll be hard pressed to find a vibrator with a motor quite as powerful as this monster. If you need intense vibration to get you off, you canít really go wrong with the G4.

Despite its intensity, youíll be surprised to find that the Big Boss is actually fairly quiet, even on medium setting. Itís still a bit loud on the higher settings, but compared to other similar vibrators itís a marked improvement.

Another nice feature for this toy is the fact that itís rechargeable. It uses a magnetized recharge unit that doesnít require you to plug it in. If youíve ever wanted to get off and then realized that you need new batteries for your vibe, then youíll love this feature. It can be a little tricky to use at first, but once youíre used to how it works youíll be glad to have it. Thatís pretty much the biggest negative youíll find in this G4 Big Boss review.

The Big Boss isnít cheap, but the quality is well worth the price. This toy comes highly recommended to anyone who loves big toys with lots of power!

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