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3. What's up, dog, this is one of the hottest female masturbation tips you will ever receive

Level of difficultyEasy
Lube requiredYes
Recommended LubeAdd magic lubricant
Recommended ToyBCurious Clit Stimulator

Masturbation using the doggie style position - i.e. down on all fours, is one of the hottest female masturbation tips we can pass on to you. Not only is it a very sexy position in itself, but it's also a very effective way to reach down and stimulate yourself in a lot of sensitive areas. Another female masturbation tip - this position is usually best enjoyed on a bed. One of the major benefits of masturbating yourself in the Doggie style technique is that you can stimulate your nipples with your mouth or tongue easily as you penetrate your vagina or frig your clit.

Doggie style is an excellent technique for direct clit stimulation, and at the same time you can relax and enjoy playing and plying the sensitive skin surrounding your clit. This technique also leaves you free to play with your nipples at the same time.

A top female masturbation tip for the doggie style technique is to try stimulating your penetrating your vagina or your anus as you reach between your thighs. Unlike guys, who can get in the mood for masturbating at just the sight of a bit of thigh, women take longer to warm up to the task and need more stimulus. Female masturbation tip number three would be to unwind first and get in the mood. This could be by listening to music or taking a bath with a glass of wine. Whatever makes you feel most relaxed.

Masturbating yourself in the doggie position is also a massive turn on if you have your partner with you, and he can even share in the session by helping you. This sexy position is a great prelude for lovemaking, and equally satisfying for solo play.


Do you enjoy doggy-style sex or masturbation?

Both are great


My girlfriend masturbates in this position for me all the time. I love being able to see her anus and vagina while she moans with pleasure.
Phil, Nebraska

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