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13. Tickle and Fickle: A masturbation female beginner's technique that will tickle you pink

Level of difficultyTicklishy simple
Lube requiredOptional
Recommended LubeAdd magic lubricant
Recommended ToyJimmyJane Form 2 Clit Vibrator

This great masturbation female technique gives women the perfect opportunity to explore the body while achieving sexual pleasure and freedom. With it, you can experience sexual pleasure without being dependent on your partner. If it's your first time to try it; read on and learn about the one of the easiest masturbation female beginner's technique - the tickle and fickle!

First, relax your body by lying on a bed or sitting on a comfortable chair. Start exploring your semi-nude or completely nude body. Run your hands and fingers across your body. Bring your one hand to your breasts and use your fingers to play with your nipples. While playing with your breasts, use your other hand to caress your thighs and legs then cup your vulva and rub in circles gently. This masturbation female beginner's step is actually about stimulating your body without reaching orgasm. What you are actually doing is making yourself feel good as you explore. This is just foreplay.

As you become comfortable with touching and exploring your body, you can start to try more direct masturbation female beginner's steps to stimulate your vulva. Now, try to slip one or two fingers between the vulva folds and play and massage your inner labia. Try pulling them firmly or lightly. Then, slip your fingers on top of the vulva and play with your clitoris. Move your fingers in an upward and downward motion. If you want to be filled, then insert one or two fingers into your vagina. This should really make you feel good. Don't try to reach orgasm yet. Orgasm should be fickle and not forced. Just enjoy yourself, tickle it, and feel the pleasure until your body reaches the ficklest part - the climax!


Are you still a beginner self-lover?

Iím the farthest thing from it
I have a bit of experience


I know that female masturbation is not as taboo as it used to be, but Iím still shy about it. Thanks for the tips on becoming more relaxed.
Debbie, North Dakota

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