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4. Take it sitting down and open up all sorts of female masturbation possibilities.

Level of difficultyNot so tough
Lube requiredYes
Recommended LubeV cooling
Recommended ToyMicro-Butterfly Arouser

You might feel that sitting quietly is a passive and unproductive exercise, but in fact it's a lot of fun to experiment with female masturbation techniques while just sitting there. Sitting down is an excellent method of arousing the clit, playing with the clit directly or indirectly and also stimulating your nipples at the same time. But why stop there.

You can effectively use fingers to penetrate your vagina and stimulate your clit while sitting down. Another female masturbation technique while sitting down is just vaginal penetration on its own - best attempted by reclining back in your seat and spreading your thighs. Of course in the sitting position it is also possible to insert dildos either anally or in the vagina and use your legs to ride up and down the sex toy.

Subtle female masturbation techniques can also come into play even in a car - although they are not recommended while driving! It's delicious fun to take full advantage of traffic hold-ups by stimulating your clit while others outside are oblivious to what's happening. You don't even have to touch your clit to get aroused, you can use your fingers to trace the various letters of the alphabet around your clit, or, if you are extra sensitive down there, it's possible to arouse yourself just by rubbing your legs together, but mind your foot doesn't slip off the brake if you're stuck behind a police car. Cops are not known for finding female masturbating a good excuse for causing a traffic offence.

In the office is another place where creative female masturbation techniques can be put to good use. As you are sitting in your office alone, try the knuckle technique, make a fist and use your knuckle to subtly arouse yourself by stroking your vulva. Colleagues peering through your office window will just think you're getting to grips with some pressing problems, which in a way you are.


Have you ever masturbated at the office?



Masturbating in the car is a great way to beat that drowsy feeling while driving long distance! Plus, knowing youíre touching your pussy while you can see people driving past you gives that extra sensation of doing something dangerous and taboo Ė itís so hot!
Jill,, Illinois
Using a vibrator in the office? Iím not sure Iím daring enough for that, but the rest sounds great!
Grace,, Galveston, Texas

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