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15. Slippery slope - a female masturbate technique you will want to slip into time and again

Level of difficultyNice and slippery
Lube requiredDefinitely and lots of it
Recommended LubePink Water
Recommended ToyWe-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator

Female masturbate is just as important for females as male masturbation is for men. It's fun, thrilling, and it's how we explore more about our own body. Have you already explored yours? If not, then you're missing something because inside you is a pleasure treasure any woman would wish to discover. Now, if you're ready to discover yours, read on and master the Slippery slope female masturbate technique.

The key to achieving pleasure with the Slippery slope female masturbate technique is like climbing a mountain and at the end there is a fantastic summit that was worth all the slipping and sliding you went through to get to it. But you don't need mountain boots and oxygen supplies for this journey. All you do is wrap a bunched up towel with Saran Wrap and put lube all over it. It makes for a serious orgasmic experience. Put a few pillows together, place the wet, slippery towel on them and then ride it!

However, before you take to the Slippery slope female masturbate technique, make sure to stimulate your vagina by doing some warm up foreplay. Tease your body until you get wet. Once wet and totally horny, start to ride that slippery slope. You'll experience a great and intensifying sensation as you slip and slide. It's naughty but very nice.


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This is a totally crazy idea, but I love it!
Carol, New Hampshire
Who would have thought that some saran wrap would create such a great experience, but I loved it! I highly recommend this to any woman looking for something new!
Lara, Mississippi

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