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5. Sometimes when girls masturbate it's standing room only so learn how to improvise

Level of difficultyAccomplished
Lube requiredNo
Recommended LubePink Water
Recommended ToyIna Rabbit Vibrator

Guys usually masturbate standing up, and usually girls masturbate lying down. But sometimes it's just not practical to lie on a bed or even sit down, yet you may still be in need of stimulating yourself with masturbation. It's possible to do this, although of course this technique is far less common and easy for women than it is for men. Some of the problems include access to the vagina and there are also issue of comfort, and practicality.

Girls can masturbate more satisfactorily when applying clit stimulation and simultaneous vaginal penetration. The problem is, vaginal penetration is difficult to achieve while standing and showering so when girls masturbate in the shower the best substitute is water. Water masturbation can be easily enjoyed by using a movable shower head to direct a steady stream of water onto the clit.

You can also practice standing in front of a mirror and watch yourself and your facial expressions before and during orgasm.

As girls masturbate in this way, they often start to feel weak in the knees, especially when approaching orgasm or during orgasm itself, and it can be difficult to remain standing throughout the orgasm and resolution phase. With practice, you can overcome this lack of strength while approaching orgasm, and some women claim they can actually enjoy bigger orgasms with this technique than they can with any other method.

Another exciting area to explore when girls masturbate standing up is the anus. You can start with circular caresses with a finger while you continue to masturbate your clit and at the same time your anus with the other hand. You will feel your sphincter start to relax as you probe and you can gently penetrate then pull back, then probe a little further and explore. The dual combination of clit and anal play mixed with warm gushing water is sublime.


Do you find masturbation difficult while standing?

Why bother trying?
Itís too difficult
Itís difficult but I can manage
Piece of cake


I live in a college dorm, so my only real chance to pleasure myself is in the shower. I found it difficult at first, but with help from the flowing water, a waterproof vibrator and a bit of practice, I have no difficulty reaching orgasm now.
Asia, Nevada

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