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18. Ice-Ice-Baby: A female masturbation technique that will freeze you and tease you

Level of difficultyIce and easy
Lube requiredOptional
Recommended LubeAdd magic lubricant
Recommended ToyCrystal High Intensity Bullet Vibrator

Female masturbation is all about achieving self-pleasure, but that doesn't mean that you have to stick to the old-fashioned female masturbation technique to achieve self-pleasure and sensation. Another thing, if you want self-pleasure, you've got to create it, so read on and learn how an old female masturbation technique can become a totally new one.

Ice has long been used as an exciting and erotic way to bring a woman to orgasm. Who will not find pleasure from the mixture of coolness of the ice and the heat of your body? However, this is an old technique and it's time to try something different. The "ice-ice-baby" female masturbation technique?

It's not about ice cubes or ice bags but a knife! Take a knife. Make sure its handle is rounded. Now wet the handle and place it inside the fridge. Wait for it to get totally cold and take it out when you are ready to masturbate. Use it to stimulate your vagina, your clitoris, and even your nipples! You can also put it inside your vagina for extreme pleasure. You see, the coldness from the knife's handle feels really good and will definitely freeze you to pleasure. Just don't get too excited as you may get hurt by the sharp edge of the knife.


Have you used iced in foreplay or masturbation?



The thought of putting a knife close to my vagina scares me Ė even if the cold would be arousing.
Carla, North Dakota
Maybe using the handle of a metal spoon would be better? I like the idea, but I think Iíll steer clear of the knife.
Bess, San Francisco, California

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