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9. Hands free masturbation, a girl's masturbation technique just waiting to be discovered

Level of difficultyAnyone can play
Lube requiredNot always necessary
Recommended LubeV cooling
Recommended ToyPleasure Kiss Clit Stimulator

If guys can do hands free masturbation, why can't girls? True there are probably more male masturbation techniques than there are girls masturbation techniques, but that's because guys think about it all the time, so after thousands of years of evolution thinking about very little else, you would rightfully expect men to have one or two additional techniques up their sleeves. However, It does not mean to say that a willingness to experiment can't produce the most fantastic results for girls. The fact is, many girl's masturbation techniques are limited only by a willingness to explore and be imaginative.

If you have been brought up to believe that fingering yourself is dirty and sinful and just plain wrong then the best way around it is the girls masturbation technique known as hands free masturbation. This can be achieved in several imaginative ways, but some of the best ways include massaging and stimulating your breasts only while using a sex toy to tickle your clit and penetrate your vagina.

Girl's masturbation using this method can be even more powerful than full on masturbation using the hands. Another technique is to cradle a dildo in your feet and massage it in and out of your vagina, feeding the dildo in, then pulling back in slow rhythmic strokes. A vibrating dildo used for this method will quickly produce an earth shattering climax. Also a strap on vibrator with a butterfly style clit stimulator is another fantastic way to enjoy girl's masturbation without having to get your hands dirty or even faintly messy. In fact you can even paint your nails while enjoying this erotic sensation.

And of course the most popular and time honored hands free technique to enjoy girl's masturbation at its best is the cushion technique. Place the cushions on the bed hard against your crotch and ride them, or when no one is around, ride the arm of a sofa or armchair. This will definitely get a good result.


Ever had a hands-free orgasm?



Orgasms always feel better when you dont have to do the work I like these tips!
Betty, Richmond, Virginia
I used to ride the couch arms when I was younger and first experiencing my new hormones Id completely forgotten about the erotic feeling thanks!
Caroline, Oklahoma
I love using strap on vibrators to give me a boost while I go about my regular chores around the house!
Amy, Toronto

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