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11. Sex tips for women who just want great sex without a partner

Level of difficultyBeginners, intermediate and advanced
Lube requiredYes
Recommended LubePjur woman
Recommended ToyLuna Pleasure Bead System

Masturbation gives women the opportunity to explore their body and enjoy a high degree of sexual freedom. Masturbation is one of the key sex tips for women because they can experience sexual pleasure without having to rely on a partner, and it can release sexual tension whenever the need arises.

Masturbation for women can be very empowering. Many women experience the most powerful and satisfying orgasms only through masturbation. In fact one of the most important sex tips for women which they often get to hear about only too late in life is that masturbation and exploring its pleasures should be started as early as age five, but far too often it is not learned until a woman is in her late teens or early twenties.

Masturbation for both men and women has been subject to much stigma and negativity over the centuries. And even now to a lesser degree, masturbation still has negative perceptions to it. Many religions, including Christianity and Judaism still consider it to be a sin, and therefore caution against the behavior.

But here's another great sex tip for women. Ignore all the bad stuff you hear or read about and just go with what feels right. No matter what your age, whether you are married or single, you can and should enjoy the act of self-pleasuring by any method you choose. Of course masturbation varies greatly upon the individual, but like everything in life, the more you practice the better you get. So stop feeling guilty about it, relax and enjoy yourself! What follows are a series of sex tips for women based around the theme of masturbation. They are enjoyable, easy to do and very stimulating. Some you will try only once, others you will want to try again and again. The important thing is to explore, and not be afraid to experiment.


When did you start to masturbate?

11-13 years old
14-19 years old
20-25 years old
26 years and up


Orgasms always feel better when you dont have to do the work I like these tips!
Betty, Richmond, Virginia
I used to ride the couch arms when I was younger and first experiencing my new hormones Id completely forgotten about the erotic feeling thanks!
Caroline, Oklahoma
I love using strap on vibrators to give me a boost while I go about my regular chores around the house!
Amy, Toronto

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