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2. Back to basics, how to use a vibrator and love every minute of it

Level of difficultyBeginners, intermediate and advanced
Lube requiredYes
Recommended LubeLure for her
Recommended ToyVoice Activated Rabbit Vibrator

There are any number of vibrators on the market, and they seem to grow in complexity and variety with every passing week. They do however fall into basic categories, and one of the first things you need to learn about how to use a vibrator is which is which. The various forms these trembling love machines come in are as follows: G-spot, bullet/egg, traditional slim, rabbit, dual-action, beaded, and a wand. Most of these serve the same purpose, but they're just in different shapes, textures, and sizes. Now, whatever type of vibrator you use, the way you use it definitely adds to the pleasure. Here's how to use a vibrator:

Let's assume you've already chosen the type of vibrator to use. Now you have to know that you can use it in two ways - in and out. If you want to know how to use a vibrator in - it's simple. Just turn it on and use it to penetrate your vagina or even your mouth if you wish to! How to use a vibrator externally is also simple. Just place it gently on external surfaces like your clitoris and nipples. There are vibrators that great for internal use and there are also some for external use.

One thing you have to know about how to use a vibrator is that you have to experiment with the vibe patterns to see which suits you best and of course to use it with passion. Use it gently and slow because in the first place, you are using it for pleasure. Thus, you don't need to be in rush. Use it with great pleasure and allow it to take you to your climax in a more passionate way!


What type of vibrator do you like?

Traditional & simple
Middle ground
Give me the works!


I havenít tried a sex toy, because I get nervous when I see some of the elaborate ones. Maybe I will stick with the basic vibrator and go from there.
Sahara, Georgia
My favorite vibrators have internal and external penetration - and lots of vibe options!!
Nikki, Michigan

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