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Quit sabotaging your relationship by dwelling on the small stuff

If you've been in a relationship with someone for a long time, you may start to be annoyed by small things. Things that may never have annoyed you are starting to get on your nerves and you find yourself being irritable with your man.Small things may start turning into bigger arguments when they don't need to. Follow these steps to help you stop arguing so much with your man.1. Is It Something New?If something your man is doing is botheri...

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Sometimes jealous men become controlling. Is it happening to you?

Everybody gets jealous sometimes. When your man gets jealous because he just met your co-worker who is hotter than Brad Pitt and 6 years younger, it can actually be an ego-booster. He actually thinks you have a chance with this guy! Thanks Babe!However, jealousy can easily get out of hand to become controlling. This often happens over time, and you may not see it evolving. Here are some clues that your man is TOO jealous; your man is controllin...

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Don’t keep it bottled up. Talk to your man about what you’re feeling.

One of the biggest problems with relationships is lack of communication. When something is on your mind, it needs to be voiced to the man you are involved with. No good comes from keeping your feelings bottled up. However, many people do keep their feelings bottled up because they are too nervous about bringing it up with their man.Here are some tips to help you build up the courage to talk to your man.1. Why Are You Nervous?What is making ...

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How to make sure all his friends love you.

Your friends’ opinions on a new guy you’re seeing can often play a part in how you see him. Likewise, when your new man brings you to meet his friends, their opinions may play a part in how he views you.Some girls just know how to befriend his friends. Being ‘one of the guys’ is a big aspect. Knowing when to put away the ‘girlfriend role’ to bring out the ‘pal role’ is the key to making his friends like you.Making his friends like you is als...

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