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Girls Masturbation

Reaching female masturbation orgasm through mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a common practice among all sexual preference groups. For male and female masturbation, its goal is to prevent pregnancy or preserve virginity. For female and female masturbation, the goal is to achieve sexual pleasure without having the casual sex. Others do it for personal sexual preference or for fantasy. Whether you are doing it with a male or female partner, your goal is definitely to reach female masturbation orgasm. ...

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Society's view of female masturbation throughout history

Depictions of both male and female masturbation have been found in cave paintings, rock paintings, and in other prehistoric artifacts. In ancient Egypt, masturbating was believed to have been the act that created the universe and enabled the god Atum to bring to life the Egyptian equivalents of Adam and Eve. Researchers have also found depictions of female masturbation from as early as the 4th millennium BC. It's a clay figurine discovered in a t...

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6. A bit on the side is a great way to achieve a deeply satisfying female orgasm

Level of difficultyIntermediateLube requiredOptionalRecommended LubePjur womanRecommended ToyLeo Liv G-Spot VibratorLet's face it, the female orgasm is a much more significant event than the male orgasm. And if you want to achieve the female orgasm in a degree of comfort and style while on your own, one of the best ways to do it is by lying on your side. It's a comfortable position from which to reach and play with a lot of the body parts that ...

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8. Some girls masturbating have to get all tied up in knots to achieve full satisfaction

Level of difficultyUniversityLube requiredYesRecommended LubeAdd magic lubricantRecommended ToyMini Nipple SuckersOf course there are some girls masturbating who like to do everything the hard way and this can apply to those that love to indulge in contortionist positions to achieve climax. These kind of techniques can work for you particularly if you like to have eye contact with your vagina during masturbation. It's also a great way for gravi...

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9. Hands free masturbation, a girl's masturbation technique just waiting to be discovered

Level of difficultyAnyone can playLube requiredNot always necessaryRecommended LubeV coolingRecommended ToyPleasure Kiss Clit StimulatorIf guys can do hands free masturbation, why can't girls? True there are probably more male masturbation techniques than there are girls masturbation techniques, but that's because guys think about it all the time, so after thousands of years of evolution thinking about very little else, you would rightfully exp...

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5. Sometimes when girls masturbate it's standing room only so learn how to improvise

Level of difficultyAccomplishedLube requiredNoRecommended LubePink WaterRecommended ToyIna Rabbit VibratorGuys usually masturbate standing up, and usually girls masturbate lying down. But sometimes it's just not practical to lie on a bed or even sit down, yet you may still be in need of stimulating yourself with masturbation. It's possible to do this, although of course this technique is far less common and easy for women than it is for men. So...

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17. A clit stimulation toy that will make you Sqweel with delight

Level of difficultySqweely simpleLube requiredYesRecommended LubeLure for herRecommended ToyJimmyJane Form 2 Clit VibratorBefore we introduce you to the Sqweel, remember to stoke the fires of pleasure first. A warm up will make this incredible form of clit stimulation all the more delightful. So to get things going, use your hands to rub your clit. Make sure to run your palm over it. Do it slowly and gently from top to bottom. Do it several tim...

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10. Strictly for the experts: G-spot ejaculation with large object masturbation techniques

Level of difficultyMaster's degreeLube requiredDefinitelyRecommended LubePink WaterRecommended ToyJimmyJane Form 2 Clit VibratorNo doubt about it, some girls like it big and in fact g-spot ejaculation can only occur for them when the object is sufficiently large to fill the entire vaginal cavity. These objects can be specially designed huge dildos or vibrators as well as vegetables such as cucumbers or bottles. Lubrication is essential when ins...

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12. Watery-Wow-Wow-Wow, a female masturbation orgasm with just the power of your shower

Level of difficultyBeginners and upLube requiredNoRecommended LubeLure for herRecommended ToyColt Shower ShotWith a little imagination there are so many different options to achieve self-pleasure. A quick check online reveals an Aladdin's Cave of sex toys designed to leave you gasping with delight, but you can be just as imaginative at home with everyday objects such as the bathtub faucet, hot tub, an unscrewed showerhead, and a lot more. As y...

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3. What's up, dog, this is one of the hottest female masturbation tips you will ever receive

Level of difficultyEasyLube requiredYesRecommended LubeAdd magic lubricant Recommended ToyBCurious Clit StimulatorMasturbation using the doggie style position - i.e. down on all fours, is one of the hottest female masturbation tips we can pass on to you. Not only is it a very sexy position in itself, but it's also a very effective way to reach down and stimulate yourself in a lot of sensitive areas. Another female masturbation tip - this posit...

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