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Stamina Boosting with the Fleshlight STU

I feel like Iím writing a letter to Penthouse Forum or something, but here goes. I donít mean to brag, but Iíve never really had any problems in the bedroom. Iím not saying Iím Godís gift to women or anything, but I know how to get the job done. I was never really worried about my sexual stamina until one fateful night my girlfriend said the words every guys longs to hear: ďI want to have a threesome!Ē Better yet, she already had someone lined up...

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TitanMen Cock Ring: No Style, All Substance

A lot of sex toys you see today are all about flashiness and bells and whistles, but the TitanMen Cock Ring takes a much simpler approach. Itís an unassuming looking toy, really nothing more than a stretchy ring of round plastic. If you were to see it sitting on a shelf without its packaging, you might not even realize itís a sex toy. But rest assured, this toy can really deliver when it comes to sexual pleasure. Letís go over all the features of...

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