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Female Sex Toys Reviews

How Fresh is Fresh by Leaf?

Typically a review about a sex toy is more about the sensations it can provide, especially for a woman’s sex toy. The Fresh by Leaf, however, is a little different. In this Leaf Fresh review it’s easy to discuss its potential for incredible orgasms and the way that it might seem simple but is like having multiple toys in one sitting because of the unique edges, but the Fresh by Leaf is more than just a useful sex toy; it is also an environmentall...

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Je Joue Uma Review for G-spot Orgasms

As you get into the higher end of sex toys that are made for women, you’ll find that not only the quality but also the uniqueness increases as the price does. Even though the Uma is actually on the lower end of the “luxury” vibrators, a quick review shows that it is not only still high in quality but very unique among G-spot vibrators.Let’s start this Je Joue Uma review by going over the shape of the toy. Consider how the average vibrator loo...

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Vaginal Work Out with Balls

Many women want the ability to strengthen their inner muscles, doing exercises like Kegels not only to tighten their vaginal muscles but also to strengthen them. After you’ve read this Ophoria K balls review, you’ll find that there is now a fun and orgasmic way to strengthen your muscles while playing with yourself.Ophoria K Balls are uniquely designed with shake weights inside of two small balls. Similar to the shake weight used for toning arm...

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Toy King of the Female Jungle

When it comes to finding a good vibrator to review, the first thing I like to go by is the name. After all, the first thing I see is the name, and a name like the G4 Vibes Tiger makes me think three things: wild, orgasms, and power. I decided to do my own G4 Vibes Tiger review, I found two out of the three were true, which was good enough for me.The G4 Tiger Vibrator is definitely wild. The ribbed shaft not only acts as “stripes” for the Tige...

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