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Quit sabotaging your relationship by dwelling on the small stuff

If you've been in a relationship with someone for a long time, you may start to be annoyed by small things. Things that may never have annoyed you are starting to get on your nerves and you find yourself being irritable with your man.Small things may start turning into bigger arguments when they don't need to. Follow these steps to help you stop arguing so much with your man.1. Is It Something New?If something your man is doing is botheri...

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Not meeting Mr. Right? Learn ways to increase your chances.

Letís face it. Finding a good man is tough. Youíre not interested in anyone at the office, your yoga class is full of eight other women and one gay man, and although the man in your neighboring apartment is pretty cute youíre pretty sure youíve seen a different girl sleep over there every night this week. Not exactly Mr. Right is it?Sometimes it seems impossible to meet new men. Try the tips below to increase your chances of meeting new men....

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