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Anal Masturbation

The 5 masturbation myths and facts you should know

Even if female masturbation is now a common practice among women, a lot of women are still raised with some bizarre and hard-to-believe information about this practice. If you are one of those who try to separate facts from fictions, consider these top 5 masturbation myths as well as the facts that renounce them. Myth #1: Female masturbation is only for the young This is one of the most common masturbation myths women always hear. Well, the f...

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An awesome introduction to female anal masturbation

An awesome introduction to female anal masturbation

As with most women, female anal masturbation was a definite no-no with my wife. She made it quite clear from the start that female anal play was a taboo subject and any anal sex was strictly off limits. Well, one night during foreplay as she lay on her tummy, I was busy fingering her pussy. I suddenly decided to go for it. I leant forward, parted her legs and started to lick her anus. This was breaking the golden rule but it was something I had a...

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