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What Rachel doesn't know

Rachel doesn't know that long ago I drilled a hole in her ceiling and because I live in the room above her all I have to do is lock my door, turn out the light, flip back the carpet, lie down and watch her. Rachel is tall and well-built; she has meaty tits and an incredibly naughty ass. That was why it was essential to drill this hole, carefully and unobtrusively in the best place possible.

It doesn't matter what she's doing, it's always a first class show. Sometimes she's just sitting at the computer browsing, sometimes she's painting her nails, I've yet to catch her browsing porn, but you never know it might happen someday.

I've got the desk, the bed and the wardrobe area covered so early mornings I get to see her deciding on what to wear, standing before her wardrobe in just a bra and black panties, always black panties, admiring clothes in the mirror of the wardrobe door, then putting them back on the rail until she settles on the outfit for the day.

Evenings I get to see her come home and often she will tuck into a take out, eating it at her desk while browsing the computer and unscrewing a small bottle of red wine. But sometimes she is not in the mood for the computer, she just wants to watch TV. She dims the light, gets undressed and slips into a small dressing gown. Then she lies back on the bed. Sometimes her lovely tits are visible, sometimes they're not. I know her taste in movies, and they're all romantic. She will flick the remote until she finds one, or the closest thing to it. Sometimes when a movie she really likes comes on she will slip her thong panties to one side and go for it, and if I love anything in this world it's to watch girls masturbate.

She has a small bottle of lube with her and she likes to massage her swollen pussy, gliding her fingers sensuously over her mound, thighs and ass. She starts to rhythmically massage herself over and over and I can see her face contorting in the light cast by the TV. If I shift up and down quietly on the floor I can start to grind my rock hard cock against the floor and just keep watching and waiting for further developments. Sometimes that's all I get, the finger show, but sometimes - especially on Fridays, she will reach across to her bedside drawer and pull out the dildo. Now I know I am in for the full works, and once again my jeans are going to be totally creamed.

Hesitating only to gaze at the TV once more she loves to whip round onto all fours, pulling the dressing gown up, exposing her big firm butt cheeks as they shine in the light of the TV screen, after a few introductory strokes she plunges the entire length of the dildo into her hungry pussy, moaning as she does so, and writhing excitedly on the dildo. One hand is firmly holding her dildo, the other rhythmically stroking her mound.

She is imagining that she is rising and falling on a big fat cock, hell it should be my cock! What I wouldn't give to break her door down now while she is taking the entire 10", pull the thing out of her pussy and start to pound her myself. I gasp at the sight of her gorgeous ass raised up in the air - I have powerful visions of me on my knees behind her, grabbing her buxom ass with both hands.

I'm so hard at it up and down against the floor that the ceiling creaks, and she suddenly turns her head sideways in mid moan. She quickly dismisses the sound; it's just the stranger in the room above going about his business. How right she is.

That turn of her head, and the beautiful soft nape of her neck makes me want to screw her so damn much. Her heavy breasts are swaying as she continues to pump herself full of dildo, in and out until she releases and I just can't hold back any longer.

We climax together but apart. A cascade of hot warm cum spreads across my shorts and jeans as she moans and writhes and presses a perfectly manicured red nail to her clit, panting and groaning delightfully. What visions are going through her mind as her fingers keep flicking her clit? She turns around and lies back down with a dreamy stare, recovering, as am I, just a few feet above her. My cum is already cold against my skin. Her breathing is returning to normal, she is starting to focus once again on the TV. I also feel sated but alone. I pull myself up off the floor and kick the carpet back into place. The show's over for another night. Tomorrow being a Saturday we may pass on the stairs, and no doubt we'll just say hi.

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