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My kiss ass career

I thought it was a coincidence the first couple of times we just happened to be in the ladies at the same time. Outside of this situation my alpha female boss was assertive and decisive. But on both occasions in the bathroom I got the impression she was lingering, washing her hands twice, fussing over hair that was already perfect, and glancing at me hard. I knew what was on her mind. It wasn't the first time I had had a bit of skirt trying to flirt.

My strategy was to find another bathroom I could use, on another floor, it worked for a while, but one day she caught me about to go down the stairs to the next floor. We had no business on the lower floor so she asked me where I was going. I made up some excuse about having a friend working on the floor below. She said it was something I should do in my spare time, and she didn't want to see me going down there again. Busted. So now no choice, it was back to the office bathroom.

I walked back along the corridor with her eyes burning into the back of my neck. I got to a cubicle, opened it and was just about to close it when she pushed the door back open. I was too surprised to say anything.

"Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you!" she snarled. Her eyes brooked no argument. "I'm going to the bathroom." I said weakly. "So don't let me stop you" she said. With that she closed and locked the cubicle door behind her and lifted up my skirt. I tried to stop her but she slapped my hand away. "Don't touch!" she snapped. "How you behave in the next ten minutes will determine whether I report you for industrial espionage."

"Industrial espionage?" I said incredulously.

"You doubt I wouldn't do it?" Not a flicker of a smile was on her face. Her eyes skewered me. Her control over me, despite myself, was like an irresistible force. I believed the rumors that even her boss was terrified of her. She went back to the job in hand. She pulled my panties right down and then pushed me on to the toilet seat.

"Now piss" she said. She stood over me watching. "Let me hear it." I tried but nothing was happening. I just sat there like a child, embarrassed and humiliated.

"As I thought" she said "You didn't need the bathroom, you were passing on company secrets. How do we handle this situation Lisa?"

I looked up at her clueless to respond. "Up" she barked "Up on that toilet seat now, legs apart." She hustled me off the seat and made me step onto the toilet. She held me for balance. "Turn round and stick your ass out - right out." I meekly obeyed. My ass was now fully exposed to her at face level. Without a moment's hesitation she dug her face deep into my crotch and I felt hot urgent little licks of her tongue all over my clit and pussy lips. I was stunned and confused, but also starting to experience the most amazing sensations in my pussy. I gripped the cubicle walls for balance and started to groan. She eased two fingers into my soaked pussy, the lips could offer no resistance, and then the fingers wiggled and went in and out with an exhilarating urgency. I was in ecstasy, and my legs were weakening from the incredible sensations. I climaxed hard and slipped off the toilet seat whimpering and moaning with passion.

"Now do me" she commanded. With one sweep of her hands she lifted her skirt and whisked off her panties. Now she was stood in the same position on the toilet proffering her shapely ass for my attention. Still tingling from my orgasm I was surprised to find myself really turned on and eager to dip in and start kissing. The smell and taste were warm and clean and inviting. I was devouring her hungrily and she didn't hold back, she moaned loudly. Surely loud enough for everyone to hear, but I couldn't care and neither could she. I gripped her ass cheeks, spread her pink pussy lips wide open and stuck my tongue inside her with hot confident strokes. She bucked and groaned powerfully. When she finally stepped down she had the biggest grin on her face.

"Ok you dirty little bitch, charges dropped" she said. "But we're going to have to have regular meetings here to ensure you don't stray again."

I'm always aware that someday some new hot little bitch might replace me in her affections, just as I had replaced another, but for now, I'm reaping the benefits in pay rises, bonuses and the pick of projects. Yes, I'm kissing ass like a real pro.

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