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Love in the afternoon

The fabric of the sofa is cool, but the sun shining through the window does not make me feel guilty that I should be out there exercising; it just makes me feel sexy in its warmth. I stretch and drift into a daydream. I'm watching a romantic movie on TV, the kind of long forgotten weepy they dredge up from deep in the archives only to be seen on Sunday afternoons like this.

I see a powerful man, perhaps he is the man in the movie. The strong and quiet type of course. Now this is getting interesting. I start to realize my breath is coming quicker and more shallow than normal. The video in my mind begins to unfold, and before I can stop them, naughty licentious images are flooding my mind. I unclip my front loader bra and set my breasts free. First I give them light caresses then I push the nipples up to my mouth and suck. At the same time I slip my finger between my pussy lips making sure that it is as damp as it can be. My nipples quickly become erect thanks to the coarseness of my sweater.

Wet with pleasure I unzip my jeans. One hand continues to tease my breasts, pinching and pulling the nipples. My other hand slides over my pubic mound and teasing myself, I decide I am going to have to take matters in hand, and not to be lazy about satisfying my needs. I decide I must retreat to the bedroom for a session with Mona. Mona is my hot new g-spot toy from Lelo. I decided to treat myself to it a few weeks ago, and since that time it has been reliably blowing my mind every time I use it. I fell in love with Mona before I even turned her on. Even the packaging got me excited.

Smiling to myself, I slip off the sofa with my jeans around my ankles. I kick them off before I mount the stairs and rush into my bedroom. I reach for my little toy box in my bed drawer and pull the toy out. Lying back on my bed I quickly slip my lace panties down and flick them off my feet into a corner of the room.

As I put my hands close to my pussy I feel the heat coming from inside, like the warm air that blows from my laptop. I stroke my mound and apply a little water based lube before I turn Mona on. Now it's her turn to turn me on. Selecting my favorite vibe pattern she immediately gets to work on my clit. Soon my pussy is beautifully wet and I slide her in, then pull her back, slide her in then pull her back again, increasing the intensity of the vibe. Now Mona is tapping at my G-spot and I'm starting to travel to other dimensions, I can feel the waves, faintly at first, slowly building as I continue to slide in, pull out. I tease my clit, and then slide Mona back in working on my g-spot once more. My other hand massages my breast for a moment then groaning I turn over onto my face. I raise my butt in the air and spread my legs slightly allowing my weight to rest on my shoulders. My big breasts are swinging back and forth and I continue to work Mona around my clit then inside again.

The air feels cool on my wet pussy as I begin to move my hips to counter the action of the g-spot vibrator. As I raise my ass raise my ass higher my pussy lips open.

"Keep it right there" says a voice behind me. I turn my head in horror. It's my boyfriend Peter, back much earlier than expected. And his jeans are already at half mast with his cock erect as he pulls down his shorts.

I'm so embarrassed to be caught, but before I can do anything he grabs Mona from my hands and introduces his cock to my fully prepared pussy. He grips me by the hips and starts pumping, grabbing my left breast as he does so. It's like the tall dark stranger has stepped out of the TV screen to give me a good seeing to. I gasp as my already well aroused g-spot takes more of a hammering. His balls are slapping hard against my buttocks. He's screwing me with a passion we don't normally display. This is electric compared to his normal performances. The sound of suction created by moisture makes me wetter and wetter.

He spins me round and continues to fuck me with him on top; we are face to face and kissing passionately. He still has his leather jacket on and the leather creaks sexily with every pump. I can feel he is about to climax, and there's a a tremendous tension in that brief moment as our bodies gather all their energies to focus on a massive dual climax, which we achieve magnificently for the first time since God knows when.

We are both breathless with excitement but as my pleasure slowly diminishes I turn to him and say "I thought you were going to be back at 6pm"

"I was" he said but I'm sitting at my mom's and she's watching this trashy romance movie. Why do they put this crap on Sunday afternoons, only old people watch it."

"You're right" I said "It's only for old people."

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