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Women sex toys, descriptions and use

Women sex toys, descriptions and use

Women sex toys -- a totally bewildering set of items if youíve never encountered any and are thus thrown by the endless supply of various toys. Many of them youíve probably never even seen before and thus you are totally stymied as to what exactly they are, and what one is supposed to do with them.

It stands to reason that these various sex toys are utilized to intensify the sexual pleasure of the female, or in the advertiserís words, put zing into her sex life. Granted any adult sex toys for women are meant to help the woman to explore her sexuality, perhaps help her to discern new sensations, and very definitely expand her sexual repertoire. It all depends on what the goal is as to what toys you should procure.

For example, if you are a woman or have a woman who claims that she must have clitoral stimulation to facilitate or obtain orgasm then serious thought should go toward getting a vibrator. Depending on the size you obtain, then it may be utilized on its own, or even during the sexual act. If on the other hand, she is the type who prefers to feel the sexual sensation of fullness, whether felt anally or vaginally, then chances are that a dildo is in order.

How To Use Women Sex Toys

If you are considering a vibrator, then the question is what do you wish to vibrate? If you are seeking clitoral vibration then it does not make sense to seek a vibrator that is shaped for insertion, but rather a wider one so that the entire sexual area of the body can be vibrated, and eventually reach the clitoris. Those who seek internal vibrations on the other hand, require a long thin vibrator, preferably with a wider base so that if inserted anally it will not get lost inside and refuse to exit the body.

Also, vibrators come with very soft almost imperceptible touches, or a harder touch. It is imperative to know which type of ďtouchĒ you are seeking. Those who prefer stronger sensations, for example, probably would appreciate a Hitachi type of vibrator, while those with a need for a more gentle touch might prefer a tinier vibrator that fits on the personís finger so that the touch can be truly soft. Then, of course, there are needs in the middle of these, but you can see the importance of knowing and understanding what you seek when you are looking for female sex toys.

Not only is shape and style going to be necessary for you to realize, but even such things as materials, settings, noise and even if you can travel with it become important. Keep in mind of course, that every woman is different, and thus what may be terribly important to one may not even be a consideration to the other. Thatís what makes humans so interesting, is the differences in all of us, even when it comes to women sex toys!

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