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Lelo Gigi- G-Spot Delight

Lelo Gigi- G-Spot Delight

My Lelo Gigi is another one of my favorite g-spot vibes (and I guess I do have several favorites!). Being a sex toy reviewer and relationship expert does have its perks! The toy is made from a type of hard plastic that is then wrapped in a luscious silicone. I was a little surprised that for such an expensive brand, the toy was a bit on the hard side. What makes up for this, though, is the easy to use vibration buttons. Instead of just choosing from 3-4 vibration strengths, Lelo toys give you the ability to have more like 8-10 strengths. Each push of a button makes it just a little little little bit stronger.

The other thing I like about the Lelo Gigi is that it is rechargeable. Being rechargeable is the new standard in womenís toys Ė so there is no problem in this area. When I got it, I charged it for about an hour or two, and it lasts more than an hour when turned on. Also, this toy is super easy to clean, and they say it is waterproof, but I didnít want to risk it by submerging it under water! I put it under the sink for a minute, and I can report that it still works.


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Like the description says, the toy is a bit hard, but it definitely delivers pleasure!
Helen, Chicago
Iím sure it does the job, but the other ones on this website look more fun!
Meg, Minneapolis
I have another Lelo, and also a Ladygasm toy. The Ladygasm was just as good as the Lelo, but a lot cheaper!
Carly, Detroit, Michigan

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