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Ladygasm Cici: A Premium Toy For Only $65.

Ladygasm Cici: A Premium Toy For Only $65.

When I got this toy to review a couple of weeks ago, I thought that at only $65 it wouldn’t be the same quality I was used to in a high end silicone sex toy. The company who sent it to me, Ladygasm, tried to assure me that they had made something that was of LELO quality, but were selling it for only about $65. With an open mind, I recently received the toy in the mail…

The Ladygasm Cici really is pretty to look at, and I can confirm its made from the same medical grade silicone as Lelos and other high end female toys (and is also as quiet). It has two motors to control the vibrations, which is a very innovative feature. Women can play with the clitoral vibrator only, or the other one mounted inside the head of the toy, or even both of them. Plus, the intensity of the vibration can be managed as well.

I found where they were able to save some of the money on this item. The bad news is that it is NOT rechargeable, which most high end toys are. You need to use 2 AAA batteries, but at least the batteries last for several hours. Also the handle area is made from a nice grade of brushed plastic, while all the parts that make “sexual contact” with your body, are silicone. This makes the toy look a little less beautiful than some other ones, but if they saved people another $65 by using the silicone sparingly and making you use batteries, then I’m all for it.


How do you like to use your Ladygasm Cici?

Clitoral Stimulator Only
Internal Stimulator Only

My photos of this item


I wanted a rechargeable toy, but couldn’t afford it. The batteries last quite a while, and the pleasure is so intense, you don’t need to use it for long!
Janet, Las Vegas, Nevada

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