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Meet Your Match online. How itís done.

So youíve chosen a site (or two) and youíve made your attention-grabbing profile. Now youíre starting to get messages, and finding people you want to message. But how do you meet your match? Donít know what to do? Follow these simple Doís and Doníts to get the most out of your online dating experience.

DO read the email before browsing their profile. Sometimes when you view a profile you may be put off because it lacks interest. Read the email first. They may have something to say that you will like, and then their boring profile doesnít matter.

DONíT be too judgmental. You know how hard it was to write your own profile. Remember that some people are not very good writers Ė especially about themselves. Give them a chance, even if their profile wonít win any awards.DO answer every email that you get. If you are not interested, donít just ignore the email. You wouldnít ignore someone if you were talking to them face-to-face, and you donít want them waiting around hoping they will get a positive response.

DONíT be too biased on what they look like in their profile picture. Not everybody is photogenic, and they may have a lot of personality behind that face that will make them more attractive when you meet them in person.

DO send a lot of emails to anyone you think has a bit of potential. The more people you approach, the higher your chances you have to meet your match.

DONíT send emails that only say Ďwant to chat?í. That email gets old quickly. Give them something interesting. Open with a witty comment Ė something that will grab their attention and make them want to talk to you.

DO upload more than one photo. Most sites have a private photo area that you can choose to show only to people you want to. Have a variety of photos that really show your personality.

DONíT upload or email naked or overly revealing photos. You do not want photos of you like that on the internet. Besides, showing him your beautiful body should be something he earns over time once you get to know each other.

DO keep the conversation light at first. Being behind a computer screen often breaks down some of your inhibitions. Your potential match does not want to hear about the argument you had with your mother on the phone last night.


I am So not photogenic, so I hate putting my profile picture up. I wish they could see the real me!
Krystal, Nashville
I had a guy tell me about his recent breakup in our second chatÖ not a good way to get me to want to date you!
Kari, Detroit, Michigan
I find it so difficult to think of something to say to someone in the first email to show Iím interested!
Paula, Los Angeles

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