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Become a Modern Woman. Start Online Dating Now.

It seems that nowadays everyone is trying online dating. If you havenít already started, it may seem a bit strange to you. Going online to view profiles is definitely a far cry from meeting cute guys at the malt shop like the good olí days.

However, if you havenít tried it, now is the time to start. It is a great way to meet men that you otherwise may never have crossed paths with.

Here are a few tips to get you up and online dating now:

1. Choose the Right Site

There are many dating websites out there to choose from. Some you have to pay for and some are free. If youíre serious about finding a relationship, you will have better luck on a site that you pay for. People who pay for the site are serious about meeting the right person and are not just looking for a one-night stand.

2. Always Post a Photo

Your chances of meeting someone are far higher if they can see a few photos of you. Donít choose photos where your face is covered by sunglasses or a hat. Donít try to be overly sexy. Simple photos of your smile work best.

3. Write a Telling Description

Give a detailed but brief account of yourself to give the people looking at your profile an idea of the real you. Avoid the clichťs (I like long walks on the beach) and be honest. If you are having trouble writing about yourself, ask you friends for some help. They probably know what youíre like better than you do! Be informative, but keep it fairly short. Give them just enough to peak their interest and start a conversation with you!

4. Give Them a Chance

It is easy to glance over someoneís profile and dismiss them immediately. Maybe theyíre an inch shorter than you would like, or they have a stupid quote in their introduction. Donít make these the reasons that you pass them up. If they are polite when they message you, message them back. They may turn out to have some amazing characteristics once you get to know them.

5. Meet. Sooner than Later

If you click with someone who lives nearby, donít spend 4 months talking over email. Set up a person-to-person meeting at a coffee shop or ice cream parlor and see if you get along in person.


I really need to embrace your ďgive them a chanceĒ tip. Iím usually so quick to toss them aside, and Iím having no luck so far!
Candace, Colorado Spring
Very informative. Iím new to online dating, and this really helped!
Gene, North Carolina

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