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Not meeting Mr. Right? Learn ways to increase your chances.

Letís face it. Finding a good man is tough. Youíre not interested in anyone at the office, your yoga class is full of eight other women and one gay man, and although the man in your neighboring apartment is pretty cute youíre pretty sure youíve seen a different girl sleep over there every night this week. Not exactly Mr. Right is it?

Sometimes it seems impossible to meet new men. Try the tips below to increase your chances of meeting new men.

1. Get Out of the House!

This one should be more obvious than it seems to be. How many times have you sat around your house moping about because youíre single? Youíre not going to meet any men in your own kitchen! Get out there!

2. Be Friendly

Start small talk with people at the grocery store, video rental, anywhere you visit on a regular basis. Even if you donít end up dating them, it will give you practice approaching strangers which will give you confidence when you find a man you really want to talk to.

3. Try Something New

You already know that your yoga class isnít getting you anywhere when it comes to meeting new men. So go out and try something new. Take a cooking or drawing class. Any man you meet there will already have a common interest and the conversation will be easy to start.

4. Change-up Your Crew

Donít always go out with the same group of friends. Different people encourage different behavior in you. If you are always with married couples, you are not giving off signals to be picked up by men. Likewise, go out with only one or two girlfriends. You are more approachable in a smaller group

5. Hunt

Try to understand the type of man you are looking for. Think about the places he might hang out. And go there! Think sporting events, music festivals, bars, restaurants, hardware stores.

6. Put the Word Out

Everyone hates the words ďblind dateĒ, but sometimes it works out well. Let your friends know youíd be interested in going on a date if they know of anyone they think youíd like. Sometimes your friends know you better than you do and can be quite good at match-making!

Meeting new men is difficult, but remember - they wonít come to you, so you need to make opportunities for yourself. Good Luck!


So true! I canít count the times Iíve sat around the house and moped about being single!
Daisy, Chicago, Illinois
My friend is SO friendly and he always end up on dates. I really have to start striking up conversations!
Ramona, Dallas, Texas

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