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How to Attract Men

How to Attract Men

Men and women are completely different creatures, which makes the dating scene a difficult one. Women are chasing men, and men are chasing women, (and men are chasing men and women are chasing women, but thatís another storyÖ) but do we all really know what the other is looking for?

If you want to attract men into a long-term relationship, there are some things that men are looking for. Here are a few tips on how to be attractive to men:

1. Self-Confidence

Men love a woman who is confident in herself. If he pays her a compliment, he wants to hear ďthank youĒ instead of ďoh, no, I donít think soĒ. A man wants to see a woman walk into a room with her head held high and demand a certain level of attention. He loves confidence, but the hates over-confidence, so know the difference. Donít be self-absorbed and assume that everyone loves you Ė that is definitely a turn off!

2. Passion

Iím not talking about the bedroom, although Iím sure that fits somewhere. Instead, have a passion about something Ė work or a hobby. Men love to listen to their women talk about something they really love. The passion with which a person speaks of something they love is almost sensual.

3. Compromising

If a long-term relationship is going to work, there has to be compromise- so show your man you are able to compromise early on. Allow him to choose the restaurants or activities sometimes, and donít make a huge deal if he has to re-schedule plans. Many men are scared of relationships because they think it will take away their independence, so show him you can compromise and accommodate his needs.

4. Dress for Men

I love fashion as much as (or maybe more than) the next girl, but letís face it Ė when women are dressing in high-fashion or fads, itís rarely what a man wants to see. Men love the basics Ė a low-cut top with ass-hugging jeans. Itís okay to wear your fashionista clothes to work or with girlfriends, but when youíre out with him Ė do him a favor and dress with him in mind.

5. Be Ready

Be 100% completely and ACTUALLY over your previous relationships. He does not want to hear about your ex every second time you open your mouth. If youíre looking for a relationship, be sure youíre really over your last one, and in a place to start fresh.

Be Attractive, Not Desperate

These tips can help, but donít overdo them. Donít dress up like Sandra Dee from the final scene of Grease just to go out to the movies, or donít try to ooze confidence if you really donít feel confident Ė he will be able to tell. Likewise, donít exaggerate your passion for gardening just to have something to talk about Ė next thing you know heíll be buying you exotic plants that you kill in two daysÖ despite your apparent knowledge.

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