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Is My New Man Already Taken?

What a different world it would be if we could guarantee that every man would be faithful. Unfortunately, thatís not the case. Some men arenít satisfied with just one woman, and while they may have a wife or girlfriend at home Ė theyíre out meeting new women and sometimes starting full-blown relationships with them. Look for these clues to know if your man is already taken:

1. Meeting at a Bar

Donít take this the wrong way. Meeting a man at a bar can sometimes turn into a good relationship. After all, you were at the bar, and youíre a good catch. However, make sure to judge the type of setting youíre in. Is it known as a pick-up place? Who is he with? Many taken men go out after work to pick up women. Itís an easy alibi - they had a few drinks with their co-workers after work.

2. Ring Finger

While itís obvious that if heís wearing a wedding ring heís married Ė some men do take their rings off while in public - Especially in bars where they are trying to pick-up. Look for a tan line on his ring finger or small indentation. If you wear a ring every day, itís usually obvious even if itís not on at the moment.

3. Popping Out to Call

If your man is already taken, he may not have the freedom to talk to you whenever he likes. Does he often call you when heís getting gas? Or just popped out to the grocery store? If he is always calling you while heís on the go, this could be a sign that heís avoiding calling you around certain people.

4. Does he Schedule Your Calls?

Again, if your man is already taken, his freedom with phone calls is close to non-existent. Does he give you a specific time to call him? If you call him outside of that time does he ever pick up? And if he does, is he happy to hear from you, or does he seem agitated and get you off the phone quickly?

5. Seen His Place?

If youíve been dating for a few weeks, perhaps he has dropped you off at home; maybe youíve even invited him in. But have you seen where he lives? Someone who never invites you over but is at your place frequently should set off some alarm bells. What is he hiding there?


Iíve been dating a guy I met in a bar for 4 months now, and Iíve never seen his place even though he lives so close to me. :s
Sue, Long Beach, California
I heard of a bar in California that spray tans wedding band lines Ė gross!
Stace, Arkansas

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