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Donít keep it bottled up. Talk to your man about what youíre feeling.

One of the biggest problems with relationships is lack of communication. When something is on your mind, it needs to be voiced to the man you are involved with. No good comes from keeping your feelings bottled up. However, many people do keep their feelings bottled up because they are too nervous about bringing it up with their man.

Here are some tips to help you build up the courage to talk to your man.

1. Why Are You Nervous?

What is making you so nervous about approaching him with this subject? Are you scared he is going to get upset? That you wonít like his answer? Try to imagine the worst possible result and then prepare yourself for that. Chances are the result wonít get anywhere close to that, and you will feel relieved when itís over.

2. Write it Down

If youíre unsure of how to begin, try writing down exactly how youíre feeling on a piece of paper. Write for as long as you need to make the idea clear in your head. Having a clear idea of exactly how youíre feeling will help you put these feelings into words.

3. Practice

Before you talk with him, go somewhere private and say it out loud a few times. The more times you say it out loud, the easier it will be to say again Ė only next time he will be in the room to listen!

4. Tell Him Youíre Nervous

If it helps you, start by telling him that you need to talk to him about something, and that you are a bit nervous to bring it up. He will want to hear what you have to say and will do whatever you need to feel comfortable. Sometimes sitting beside him instead of across from him will help ease your nerves because you donít have to look directly at him if you donít want to.

5. Just Do It!

Yup, itís time to jump right out there and just say whatís on your mind! Trust me Ė itís not going to be as horrible as you think, and it will feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you are finished.

The more you talk to your man, the easier it will be and eventually no prep work will be needed. Good communication is the key to any good relationship. Practice! Practice! Practice!


Itís always so much harder to THINK about telling someone something, than it is to actually do it!
Terrie, Florida
So important! I know it is, but I still have trouble!
Tamara, Nebraska
I always practice before I speak, and it really does help! Things come out so much easier.
Marcie, New Mexico

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