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Communication technology doesnít have to hurt your relationship. Hereís how.

Relationships have come a long way in the past few years. True, the introduction of cell phones, e-mail and social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter), has made communication a lot easier. However, these technologies also have a habit of testing the trust in relationships, and can sometimes cause problems where problems neednít be.

Here are a few ways to keep these problems from getting in the way of an otherwise healthy relationship:

Donít be a Creeper!

I know that itís tempting to constantly scan his online profiles for messages written by other girls. Sometimes, you might even see ones from random girls signed ďxoĒ. Donít go too crazy over these things. Most girls I know sign-off most online messages like that to anyone that is a friend.

Online Friends Arenít Your Biggest Worry

If you do see girls online saying things like ďwe should get together for lunch one of these daysĒ, feel free to ask him about it. However - if this girl is contacting him by Facebook, she probably doesnít have his phone number. Therefore, how close can they really be, right? Donít freak out every time you see something small. If it does make you squirm though, just ask him nicely Ė donít be accusing.

You Donít Need his Passwords

Sometimes you will want to ask him for his passwords to email and Facebook. Sometimes in an effort to show you that nothing is going on Ė he will give them to you. Donít let this happen. It will drive you crazy, feeling the need to check it constantly. Also, what if you and him have an argument and he needs to vent or ask advice to one of his buddies? He wonít want you to read that, and you will end up driving him to open a new account that you donít know about. E-mail is personal. If heís going to try something with someone, he will do it whether you have his password or not. Just donít go here.

Checking His Phone

If neither one of you are doing anything wrong, it wouldnít technically matter if either checked the otherís phone. However, cell phones are also personal. If you find him texting someone constantly, simply ask him who it is. He should have no problem letting you know. Ask him to show you if you suspect anything, but donít insist on reading every message. Youíll drive him crazy!


It drives my boyfriend crazy that Iím always on my phone. Maybe I should put it away a bit more oftenÖ
Mary, Kansas City
Iím in a new relationship, and some of the facebook messages on his wall drive me crazy, but youíre right Ė itís not those people I should be worried about. Iím the one with him in person!
Shannon, New York City

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