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How to make sure all his friends love you.

Your friends’ opinions on a new guy you’re seeing can often play a part in how you see him. Likewise, when your new man brings you to meet his friends, their opinions may play a part in how he views you.Some girls just know how to befriend his friends. Being ‘one of the guys’ is a big aspect. Knowing when to put away the ‘girlfriend role’ to bring out the ‘pal role’ is the key to making his friends like you.

Making his friends like you is also the key to keeping your man. Here are some ways to make sure his friends like you:

1. Be a ‘Wing-Girl’

Your boyfriend is sure to have some single friends. At a party, point out sexy girls to his single friends. Offer to talk to her to see if she’s single. Being their ‘wing-girl’ is a sure-fire way to get accepted.

2. Do the ‘Guy-Talk’

Sometimes guys talk about rude (or boring) things. Whether they are comparing their latest girls, farts or batting averages, try not to wrinkle your face up in disgust. If you can handle these conversations, (and maybe even add something of your own!) you will win mega-points.

3. Get Down and Dirty

Literally. If you’re at a BBQ and one of his friends suggest a little Frisbee or some touch-football, get in there! Show them you can have some fun, and even get a little dirty. They will appreciate it.

4. Plan a Guys Night Out

What is sexier than a girl who is encouraging a night out with the guys? Grab some cheap baseball tickets and get some restaurant gift cards with your Air Miles. Wear a cute dress and play hostess by serving them drinks before they go out.

5. Act Goofy

Show his friends (and your man) that you can be silly. Let out a burp at the Football Sunday party, or show them your best touch-down dance. Let them see how fun you are, and that they can relax around you.When a man gets a new girlfriend, his friends are scared he won’t be able to come out anymore, or he’ll start to act differently. Encourage him to see his friends, and show them he is the same guy (except now with a super-cool woman on his arm!). You won’t only score points with the friends. Your man will love it too.


I love being wing-girl to my guys friends. Who knows girls better than another girl anyways, right?
Charlotte, Houston, Texas
I find it difficult to meet my new boyfriends friends, because I think they are always judging me. I guess I should just relax and show them my fun side.
Patty, Oregon

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