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How Long Should a Sex Session Last?

How Long Should a Sex Session Last?

Men have had it drilled into their heads from a young age that sexual performance depends on the size of their penis, and how long they last. While there is not much that can be done about penis size, how long they last is something they can try to control.

But have men had this drilled into their heads perhaps a little too much? Iím all for a good long-lasting sex session, but there gets a point where I just canít take the thrusting anymore. It begins to get painful, Iím sweating too much, and my mind starts to wander anywhere but there. So whatís the cut-off line for a sex session? How long is too long?

How to Tell a New Man Sex Lasts Too Long

It is definitely a turn-off if you start getting hot and heavy with your man, and he lasts for a whole two-minutes before he explodes. He sits there with a dopey grin on his face, and youíre left saying ďWoah, what just happened?Ē However, there is the other extreme too. Your thighs are hurting, youíre tired, youíre drying up, and youíre thinking about what you need to buy at the grocery store tomorrow. If heís a long-term partner, just tell him the truth. If heís new, you donít want to be rude and bruise his ego, but what are you supposed to do? Fake an orgasm? That gets tiring. Here are some tips to gracefully tell your new man that sex is taking a little too long.

1. You Last SO Long

Let your man know that you really think heís amazing for being able to last so long. Boost up his ego by telling him things like ĎI didnít realize guys could actually last that long, thatís amazingĒ. But donít go overboard here, heíll think he could REALLY impress you by lasting even longer. You just want to let him know that you noticed how long he can last so maybe he can start to ease up on the marathon timing.

2. I Love To See You Cum

If youíre getting to this point during sex, tell your man that you want to see him cum. He may come back with Ďalready?í, but answer back by telling him how sexy you think it is. Tell him how much it turns you on. Hearing you say this out loud is enough to make him blow his load right then.

3. Am I Not Sexy?

If you canít convince him to cum for you because you think itís sexy, itís time to pull out the big guns. Ask him if heís turned on by you, and when he asks why you asked, tell him you donít think he is because he hasnít cum yet. Heís sure to let it go as soon as you say that.

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