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Erotic Stories

Love in the afternoon

The fabric of the sofa is cool, but the sun shining through the window does not make me feel guilty that I should be out there exercising; it just makes me feel sexy in its warmth. I stretch and drift into a daydream. I'm watching a romantic movie on TV, the kind of long forgotten weepy they dredge up from deep in the archives only to be seen on Sunday afternoons like this.I see a powerful man, perhaps he is the man in the movie. The strong and...

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Miss Trimble

If you wanted cold, quiet, and efficient, then yes, that was Jane Trimble. If you wanted immaculately turned out, that was definitely Jane Trimble. Everything was expensive, classy, tasteful. Nothing overstated, nothing flashy, nothing that reminded you of sex. Blue skirt suits beautifully cut, A line skirts and high cut blouses, quiet but expensive jewelry. Low to medium heels, subtle but impeccable make up. Blonde hair well groomed and well cu...

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My kiss ass career

I thought it was a coincidence the first couple of times we just happened to be in the ladies at the same time. Outside of this situation my alpha female boss was assertive and decisive. But on both occasions in the bathroom I got the impression she was lingering, washing her hands twice, fussing over hair that was already perfect, and glancing at me hard. I knew what was on her mind. It wasn't the first time I had had a bit of skirt trying to fl...

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Prison pussy

Ladies, it's true. I get all the ass and pussy I want - more than I can handle - and what's more I get paid for it. Because I work as a Correctional Officer in a Women's Penitentiary, and you better believe me when I tell you that those bitches are hot for me.I grant you they'd take just about any guy they could get, but there's just one problem. They can't get any guy; all they've got is me. For however long they're incarcerated, I'm the best ...

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Running with wolves

"We need to make haste now ladies, we must be out of the Deadwater Forest before nightfall" The carriage driver looked about him anxiously as he mounted the perch of the Clarence carriage. There were still two hours before darkness fell, but he knew well enough not to be in these woods when the thin shafts of sunlight were replaced with the eerie pallor of the moon.His two beautiful young charges did not share his concerns, they were warm and c...

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The potting shed

Luckily Isabel's lusty cries did not carry beyond the potting shed. But if anyone had ventured to the back of the kitchen gardens and tried to glimpse through the opaque panes of the old shed they would have been greeted with a most un-lady like sight. Isabel, legs akimbo, dress rolled up to her crotch and panties hastily shoved to one side was receiving the clit frigging of her young life. The gentleman doing the frigging was every girl's mast...

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Vibrator commuter

I decided today was the day I would test out my thrill a minute vibration panties on an unsuspecting public. I was surprised at how comfortable and normal they looked once on. I inserted the small vibe in my pussy and gave it a quick buzz with the remote control. A small shiver ran through me as the vibrator sex machine pulsated through me. It was time to quickly get ready. I put the remote in my fleece pocket, checked myself in the mirror befor...

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Wam cam thank you mam

Kathy's online relationship with Mark was going incredibly well. He respected her, that was obvious. He was in awe of her intellect and her grasp of several subjects including but not limited to politics, religion, world affairs, global warming, race and ethnicity, even music, cars, internet and wines.She had proved herself knowledgeable, informed, and she had impressed him with her eloquently constructed arguments. No doubt about it, this guy ...

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What Rachel doesn't know

Rachel doesn't know that long ago I drilled a hole in her ceiling and because I live in the room above her all I have to do is lock my door, turn out the light, flip back the carpet, lie down and watch her. Rachel is tall and well-built; she has meaty tits and an incredibly naughty ass. That was why it was essential to drill this hole, carefully and unobtrusively in the best place possible.It doesn't matter what she's doing, it's always a first...

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