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Womens sex toys -- the who, what and where

Womens sex toys -- the who, what and where

Many women truly wonder which sex toy they’d like most when confronted with the many womens sex toys available. Men on the other hand utilize their experience with sex and sometimes simply make good guesses.

Some of the more popular of the many sex toys involve some sort of dildo. Some dildos are made of glass so that they are extremely slippery, and some are made of silicon, or even rubber. History shows us that even in the days of cavemen, women utilized some sort of fake penis for satisfaction, thus the history of dildos goes back almost as far back as humans do! Way back when, it became common for women to fashion dildos out of animal bones or even elephant’s tusks. It is truly unknown how varied dildos came to be made out of divergent materials back in history. As to who utilized them, again history certainly left us many clues, and thus it is no wonder that chastity belts came to be utilized.

Female sex toys range, as mentioned, from dildos, to vibrators, and everything else in between. To blend the two, there are many vibrators shaped in the form of a dildo, thus killing two birds with one stone, as it were. Even science has introduced some sex toys for women – the best example of that is Ben Wa Balls. These are relatively small balls which have weighted balls inside of them. What this creates is a sense of something moving deep inside the vagina that many women find utterly stimulating.

The Mystery Surrounding Womens sex toys

Size of a given toy is often important, as some women are bigger inside than others, or due to childbirth they may have been inordinately stretched and thus require an oversized dildo. This is one of the reasons why a woman ought to purchase her own sex toys, for she knows her requirements much better, though some men know their women better than the women do themselves! Whether she desires an 8” dildo with a 1” circumference, or desires something much bigger is something that perhaps both the lover and the woman should discuss. A woman who is a proponent of pussy fisting, for example, will definitely not find satisfaction in the typical dildo. On the other hand, if the dildo is to be utilized for anal stimulation, the one listed at the beginning of this paragraph may simply be too large for her.

A final thought on the subject of womens sex toys is whether or not she has any allergies or if she requires a dildo or toy that is hypoallergenic. Many women are indeed allergic to various rubber dildos, silicone dildos and such. Having such an allergy is often painful and definitely renders the mood to be gone once the allergy begins. If you know of such allergies, it will behoove you to purchase a glass dildo, for example, that fits her needs for size and other variations. Glass dildos are the newest thing, and the slipperiness of glass makes it an ideal toy for both pussy and rectal use.

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