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Women sex toys lubricants

Women sex toys lubricants

It is true that our bodies do produce lubricants when having sex. The purpose of these lubricants is to make sex more enjoyable and easy. The principle still applies when using sex toys. We need to use lubrication so as to make sex easy and enjoyable. The lubricants not only make it easier to use the women sex toys but they also make it safer.

When lubricants are used along with the sex toys, it makes the experience seem natural. Without the lubricant there is bound to be a lot of friction that will end up hurting the woman. When it comes to using lubricants, you should ensure that you use the correct amount, not too little and not too much.

There are mainly three types of lubricants that can be used. They are mainly categorized according to their formulation. They include water based, petroleum based and silicon based. All these types of lubricants have got their own advantages and disadvantages. Itís up to you to decide on the one that will suit you best.

What Lubricants Are Safe To Use With Women Sex Toys?

Water based lubricants have the advantage of being very easy to clean of. They are the best to use when you are looking to ensure that your female sex toys are hygienic. They also can be used on any type of adult sex toys. All one has to do to wash off the lubricant after use is to rinse it with warm water. If you have adult toys that are made of silicon, it will be best if you used water based lubricants on it. If you choose to use a silicone based lubricant it will end up damaging the toy.

Despite the hygiene advantage the water based lubricant cannot be used in water. In such a situation the most appropriate lubricant to use will be the silicon lube. It will be even better if your female masturbators are water proof. Silicone lube also has the advantage of being able to be reused after having long intercourse. All you have to do is apply a little saliva and you will be good to go. Also washing off the silicone lube is not a hard affair. You can use water and soap for this.

Petroleum lube is also very good to use. This type of lube makes entry into the vagina very smooth. It is very appropriate for those whose vaginal opening is quite small. However, you should avoid using petroleum lube on toys that are made from latex material. Using it on such material usually leads to the woman being irritated during sex. Thus your lubricant of choice mainly depends on the material of the women sex toys and where you are planning to use the toy.

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