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What Rabbit Vibrators Offer

What Rabbit Vibrators Offer

Rabbit vibrators are essential vibrators that have a number of extra features meant to enhance the feeling of sex enjoyment. They are specifically designed to serve the needs of women and can be used for enhancing masturbation of love making. These vibrators are recognized as being among the best sex toys for women.

There have been a number of names given to these sex toys as the years have passed and examples include the Rabbit, Pearl Rabbit and Bunny Rabbit. The features of these sex toys include a gyrating or rotating head. They can rotate both in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion and they have a speed controller. Female sex toys usually feature a head in the shape of a penis in order to give a realistic feeling. However, some have a curved head that works efficiently to stimulate the G-spot.

Other features of these vibrators include small metal or plastic beads that are encased in the shaft. The shaft rotates or vibrates at various speeds and directions and a person using the sex toy can intensify the speed by the touch of a button. The beads intensify the sensation of orgasm in a similar manner to a ribbed condom. They provide additional sensations as the muscles of the vaginal walls contract around them. These beads are an example of the features that make female vibrating sex toys highly popular.

Are Rabbit Vibrators Sexual Miracle Workers?

The other feature that enhances the feeling of pleasure when using these vibrators is the rabbit ears. They are shaped like the ears of a rabbit and they stimulate the clitoris as they come into direct contact with it. The clitoris plays a very important role in facilitating female orgasm since it has numerous nerve endings.

When it comes to selecting the most ideal vibrators, you should look out for certain features and qualities. For example, you should choose vibrators that have variable vibrating speeds and rotations you can easily control through a remote control unit of fixed handle. The multispeed controls allow you to adjust the speed of vibration as passion soars. You also should consider quality since you want a vibrator that will work efficiently for a long time.

When it comes to quality, the rabbit vibrators that are more expensive are usually of a higher quality than the cheaper models. They also have better controls and you are less likely to break them. The other thing to consider when buying these vibrators is their size. You should get one that is not too large or too small. Most adult stores stock these vibrators but if you are not comfortable buying them there, you can buy them online. The advantage of buying them online is that you can get better deals and the vibrators will be shipped to your house in discreet packages.

These vibrators can be a wonderful enhancement to your sex life. This is mainly due to the fact they are able to offer both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. They are also designed to stimulate the female G-spot and will therefore make you enjoy more pleasure whether alone or with your partner.

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