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There Are A Vast Amount Of Women Sex Toys To Choose From

There Are A Vast Amount Of Women Sex Toys To Choose From

There are many different reasons why women use sex toys. Women, just like guys have sexual urges that they want to fulfill, in an attempt to curb their sexual urges women are more prone to using a toy as opposed to guys. Women sex toys have been around for an extremely long time. Before the sex toy industry began creating women sex toys, women were finding new and exciting ways to turn their everyday household items into self pleasuring devices.

Fast forward to the future, and it is clear to see that women sex toys are dominating the sex toy market. It seems like everywhere you turn you canít help but see a dildo or a vibrator somewhere. If you are not physically seeing the item, chances are you will run across at least one person during your daily commute to and from work that is talking about a few women sex toys.

Women sex toys are actually pretty basic. Most of the toys that are designed for women are made for either insertion related purposes or clitoral stimulation. There is really no in between sex toy when it comes to womenís toys. Due to the influx of women sex toys that are available on the market, choosing a toy can seem like an extremely difficult task.

The type of toy that you decide to use will rely on your personal preference. For example, there are some women that prefer clitoral stimulation over any other type of stimulation, while there are other women that prefer anal stimulation. For each type of women there is a type of toy that is designed to satisfy her sexual urges, whatever those urges may be.

Vibrators are dildos are some of the most popular women sex toys on the market. Dildos were actually one of the first women sex toys invented, with the birth of technology vibrators didnít take long to follow in course. Both of these toys perform the same function, except one has vibrating capabilities and one does not. Vibrators and dildos are intended for vaginal play. If you are going to use one of these toys, it is important that you only put them where they are intended to go.

Clitoral stimulation toys are a little bit different than vibrators and dildos. Clitoral stimulation toys will normally include a separate attachment off of a traditional dildo. The only thing that these toys do differently than a traditional dildo is they rub against a ladies clitoris. Science shows that there are tons of nerve endings that appear inside of a ladies clitoris, this is one of the main reasons why this area of the body is sensitive.

Last but not least, you can always choose to obtain an anal stimulation womanís sex toy. The anal stimulation toys are different than vibrators, dildos, and clitoral stimulators, because they are intended for the anus. You should never use an anal stimulation toy anywhere else but the anus. These toys are specially designed to stimulate this area of your body, and give you an incredible orgasm. I can tell you from personal experience that the only time that I have squirted was when I was being anally stimulated.

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