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The rabbit vibrators, what’s so hot about them?

The rabbit vibrators, what’s so hot about them?

This is definitely not the first time that an item featured on a TV show has gained notoriety, however it is the first time something used for sexual enhancement of the female has gained such notoriety. Plain and simple we’re talking about a dildo which was shown on the 1st season, 9th episode of HBO’s “Sex and the City.” From the moment that episode aired, rabbit vibrators literally flew off the shelves of every sex aid shop both in real life as well as sex shops around the world on the Internet.

Many people are simply amazed at how versatile this little female’s toy can get and that is because the inherent design of this vibrator is absolutely brilliant. Now, there are many different versions of this vibrator floating about. There are cheaper copies and there are now enhanced versions of it. So how much you want to spend depends on quality first of all, as in all things, and secondly what enhancements appeal to you or your lover. Many couples that have purchased one of these new modern toys are amazed at how it has helped their sex life. Many women have experienced an orgasm for the first time in their adult lives, and many have learned that they are capable of numerous different kinds or orgasms due to these vibrators called rabbit stimulators.

These are named rabbit stimulators because they are formulated to look like a rabbit with two long soft ears. Those long soft ears are made of velvety squishy material that is meant to feel as soft as possible as it nestles on either side of her clitoris. These ears are capable of being set from a soft tickle to an out and out scream of intense climactic pleasure. Thus, you get to adjust how much vibration you desire.

What Makes Rabbit Vibrators So Different?

Next once inserted into the female vagina, the woman realizes that this delightful toy can actually thrust in and out of her vagina, giving her intense sexual pleasure. But, the gyrations that make it thrust are not the only movement it makes. There are also pleasure beads all around that are capable of spinning to bring on more and more pleasure. These beads make contact with not only the inside of the vagina, but are so well positioned that they in fact rotate against the lady’s G spot!

It was mentioned that there are enhanced versions of this delightful little toy floating about. The enhancements certainly are worthy of investigating. One of them allows all the above descriptions to take place besides being able to deliver one of the most outstanding anal feelings for those who are anally conscious as a sexual desire.

As is anything that you buy, the quality of the rabbit vibrators will differ. The differences may be in the amount of settings, if they are reversible, how independent they are, the strength of the vibrations it can deliver, the quality of the material it’s made of, and of course the size of the actual vibrator.

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