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The rabbit vibrators are adorable but there’s more

The rabbit vibrators are adorable but there’s more

Women are notorious for going “awwww” when they see a baby anything, whether it be a kitten or a puppy and especially a human baby, but a teensy little rabbit? Well, yeah, if it’s a baby bunny rabbit, but now we face the fact that this rabbit is actually a bunny vibrator, and they seem to be the rage around the world. Everyone wants to own one of these rabbit vibrators!

While they are primarily utilized by women, many men have found tremendous sexual satisfaction from them as well, using them rectally instead, and of course, lots of men have found favor in them as they use them on their woman, bringing her to the heights of ecstasy as they give her orgasm after orgasm. The secret is, of course, that this is no ordinary vibrator, though most women love vibrators, this one is equipped with more than vibrations.

OK, so what else does it do, you ask? First, one must realize that this is the first commercially made vibrator to be so engineered as to be able to thrust inside the woman’s vagina, or rectum, if she is so inclined.

Rabbit Vibrators Are Aesthetically Appealing

The majority of these rabbit stimulators are made of an extremely soft jelly. This kind of jelly will actually warm to the body and match the temperature of the body, thus it’s no longer a cold piece of plastic, as are many vibrators. The shaft itself is a dual rotating shaft that is covered with little pleasure beading that once inside the woman pleasures her from the inside as nothing else can do, as well as rubbing her where she desires it most on her G spot! But, this “cute” vibrator does even more!

The penis head of the female sex toy is bulbous and what’s more it twists, turns and thrusts just like the real thing, but there’s still more. Now we get to those rabbit ears that the rabbit vibrator is named for. You see those ears are as soft as a tongue, and remember that they hold the body’s heat due to the amazing construction, so it is designed to do so. Those ears have their very own vibrator motor, thus you can set it for soft caresses to your most precious clitoris, or you can change it to a more robust feeling if that’s what your clitoris calls for. You will get titillation from those ears that absolutely will have you soaring to orgasm quickly and yes, downright efficiently too.

We mentioned rectal use above, but if rectal stimulation is what you desire along with all the other stimulations that are possible with these rabbit vibrators, then some of these rabbits also have an extension added to them so that you not only get profound pleasure deep inside your vagina, and incredible thrusting, and the clitoral stimulation already mentioned, but you can add yet another sensation with those rabbits that are so equipped. It all depends on what you are seeking, but you must realize by now that the stimulations are downright mind blowing!

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