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The female sex toys, what might they bring to your sex life?

The female sex toys, what might they bring to your sex life?

The world is no longer simple the way it was when many of us were growing up, and to be honest the world of female sex toys is no longer simple either. Used to be there were simple vibrators available, and a dildo or two, but now the plethora of female adult toys is downright bewildering if you do not manage to keep up with it.

You may be a male reading this article wondering what would fit in your sexual repertoire, or you may be a female seeking just a little something extra to either spice up your sexual relationship, or perhaps you are alone and wish to spice up your personal play time. Whichever you are, you definitely have come to the correct place to learn about whatís new out there in the fascinating world of adult pleasure toys.

If you ever looked at sex toys some 20 years ago, you may have noticed that they were made out of rubber look-alikes that possibly smelled of a plastics factory. Often just the smell alone was such a turn off that you discarded those toys long ago. Today, they have found ways of making adult toys that no longer smell so badly, and in fact some adult toys even have lovely scents that have been added to them. One very minor drawback to these new creations is that one must be sure to choose the lubrication carefully. For example silicone toys should not be used with silicone lubrication. Instead, you should opt for a water-based lube.

What Female Sex Toys Can Do For Your Sex Life

Lubrication today may be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and even hypoallergenic! Yes, the days of using Petroleum or Naval Jelly on sex toys is gone, and many now provide warm heat to your sex organs too. It used to be that many gays utilized lard in the old days too for lubrication, and their homes truthfully smelled of it. Thank goodness those days are gone! Those were the days too when all adult toys for women, no matter what, all said that they were being sold as a novelty only too!

Today, we even have female sex toys that are specifically meant to titillate the femaleís entire body, from nipples, to vagina, to rectum, and some even distinctively created to bring tremendous pleasure to the clitoris. Today adults are downright encouraged to experiment with all manner of toys in order to bring them enhanced sexual horizons so that their sex lives are amazingly more plentiful as well as more pleasurable. Even lesbian sex is further enhanced via double headed dildos.

At present we have scientifically enhanced dildos that can actually bring thrusting to the sex toy side, as well as mechanically being able to rub against a womanís clitoris while mechanically rubbing her G spot, all engineered into a very precise dance of sexual pleasure. This is not your grandmotherís dildo for sure!

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