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Choosing the Right Autoblow 2 Male Sex Toy to Fit Your Penis

Choosing the Right Autoblow 2 Male Sex Toy to Fit Your Penis
The Autoblow male sex toy collection features three different machines that are available for men with varying penis sizes. Choosing the right male sex toy from the Autoblow line to suit your penis size is crucial when it comes to experiencing mind blowing orgasms that will have you spewing your cum all over yourself, the machine, and your partner. The three male sex toys that are apart of the Autoblow line are the Autoblow Blast, Autoblow Max, and the Autoblow Pico. All of the toys are designed to emulate the feeling of having a blowjob. They all come equipped with a separate controller that lets you control how you would like your masturbation session to go. Guys that like a slow paced masturbation session can choose to keep the rotating balls that are featured inside of the machines moving at a steady pace. Guys that adore the feeling of their partners sucking on their cocks in a rough manner will want to keep their Autoblow machines at the highest setting. What makes the three different Autoblow machines different from one another? Well, the toys definitely live up to the old fashioned adage that size does matter. The Autoblow 2 male sex toy is designed to fit most guys that are roughly around five to eight inches in length when their cocks are hard, and have a girth of four to six inches. The machine is designed to be snug around your penis. If the Autoblow Blast does not fit your penis snuggly, you may need to downgrade to a different toy that is part of the collection. The Autoblow 2 was designed with the BIG boys in mind. Guys that are packing a little something extra under their belts will appreciate this male sex toy. The toy is designed for maleís that have larger penises that measure around seven to nine inches in length and 6 1/2 to seven inches in girth. The shaft of the toy has been made larger to accommodate the larger men that will be burying their hard cocks into this automated blowjob machine. The Autoblow 2 is a pocket pussy that is designed for the twenty percent of males that have a penis that is smaller than five inches. The other two Autoblows that are a part of the collection have different attachments that appear along their top surface to emulate the appearance of lips. Since, the Autoblow Pico male sex toy is made for smaller men, the toy does not feature the same attachments that the other toys have. Autoblow male sex toys can make your masturbating experiences enjoyable. You will not have to worry about touching your penis while masturbating because the toy does everything for you. In order to receive mind blowing orgasms that will have you reaching for extra towels, you need to obtain the right type of Autoblow that is going to fit your erect penis snuggly. When it comes to the Autoblow male sex toy, size does matter.

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